My Philosophy


Nutritional therapy is based on the fact that there is no “diet” out there that works for everyone. We all have individual needs when it comes to what foods are supportive to our bodies. We all react differently to different foods and we can figure out what works for us with trial-and-error and some insight into how our bodies react.


Nutritional therapy works to support the body’s foundations. The foundations are five fundamental factors that must all be in balance in order to experience optimal health. They are: digestion, blood sugar regulation, mineral balance, fatty acids and hydration.

These foundations are my North Star for discerning your protocols and recommendations. However, as you know, nutrition is not the only important factor for our health. During our time together, we will also discuss other vital elements to great health such as movement, stress management, sleep, mental health, environmental factors and social support.

Whole, Real Food

I believe that if your great-great-grandmother wouldn’t have recognized something as food, you probably shouldn’t make it a part of your regular diet. That means less processed and packaged foods. More whole, nutrient-dense foods. 

What is a whole food?

It’s a food that requires little to no processing prior to consumption. For instance, fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, nuts, legumes, grains, raw milk, butter, and some oils are whole foods. Whole foods also typically don’t display a label with an ingredients list with dozens of unpronounceable ingredients. Do you need to look at the ingredients list on a bag of apples? Probably not. A box of cookies? Definitely more than one ingredient!



How does nutritional therapy work?

It starts with some paperwork for you to fill out! These forms give me insight on your current diet, how you’re feeling, any symptoms you are experiencing, your family history and your goals for your health. Once I review your forms, we can start having focused discussions about how to make those goals feasible for you. We will discuss several different aspects of nutrition, therapeutic foods for you to try as well as supplements, if you’re interested. We will also discuss lifestyle and environmental factors that may be affecting your health.

How is nutritional therapy different?

Nutritional therapy is focused on the whole person. I focus on the body systems, but I assess them through a holistic, big-picture lens. For example, when the gut is struggling, how does it affect the whole body?

While I am a nutrition professional, I also take into account your sleep habits, movement, emotional health and support system.

Do you see clients in person or virtually?

I’m currently only seeing clients virtually via Zoom.

How much does nutritional therapy cost?

You can find the details of my services here.

Can a nutritional therapy practitioner help me with X, Y, or Z?

It’s very possible! Nutritional therapy can help with countless issues such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, dry skin, fatigue, sleep issues, weight loss, mental health support and much more. While I specialize in women’s hormones and fertility health, I’m open to working with clients with other issues.

Are you going to make me give up all of my favorite foods?

No! If someone told me to give up dark chocolate, we’d have a huge problem! 

If you are consistently eating foods that may be inflammatory to your system, we can discuss feasible solutions together and see what will work best for you.


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