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I’m a nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP) certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association. I help women to boost fertility and balance their hormones so they can stop feeling broken. 

I’m a firm believer that eating well does not mean “portioning” or eating tasteless crap. I believe in good butter and I believe in honoring the food we eat. I don’t perpetuate food shame or food restriction in my practice. These two things continue to permeate our culture and frankly, they belong in the trash. (If you struggle emotionally with food, you’re absolutely not alone. Please reach out if you need support.) 

I struggled with my own health for several years before I figured out how my symptoms were related to my diet. I suffered from persistent adult acne, anxiety, memory issues, bloating, and I was having irregular and painful periods. It took some time and some unlearning, but once I began incorporating more nourishing foods and removing foods that didn’t bio-individually work for me, I began feeling so much better!

In addition to being a nutritional therapy practitioner, I have also worked as a birth doula and as a hospice nurse. I’m so fascinated by how food affects us throughout our entire lives- in birth, death and everything in between. I am certain that so many of the maladies that affect us as beings in this modern world can be prevented with a lifestyle that includes nourishing whole foods. It’s never too late to start giving your body what it needs to thrive.

I’m so happy to be supporting women in their journeys to balance their bodies and to live life more fully without uncomfortable symptoms holding them back. 



more tidbits about corie

  •  I’m based in the beautiful city of Asheville, North Carolina. I live with my wife and Australian cattle dog mix!
  • I’m a body positive practitioner. I don’t discuss a client’s weight unless they want to discuss it. I don’t use the word “calories” in my practice and I don’t encourage clients to weigh their food or weigh themselves (unless they want to). 
  • I welcome and honor clients of all gender and sexual identities.
  • I can usually be found singing, listening to a juicy podcast series, taking my dog on long walks and spending too much time in the kitchen trying to figure out what else I can ferment. 
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