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“I wanted to be a part of the solution of the chronic disease crisis.”

I’m Corie, a hospice nurse turned nutritional therapist.

I help people get to the root of digestive issues so they can eat food without fear and ditch the discomfort.

I spent several years taking care of dying people in their homes. Call me strange, but I had a knack for it.

I was taking care of the sickest of the sick. People with end-stage diagnoses that often had pain, trouble breathing or other uncomfortable symptoms.

While this work felt fulfilling at the time, I began to wonder, how did my patients get to a place of such poor health?

Terminal cancer, heart disease, dementia, advanced pulmonary disease…

It was a lot to witness day in and day out.

I began to question my role as a healthcare provider.

“Am I providing the kind of healthcare that I feel is the most helpful to my community?”

I decided my passion lied in helping people to prevent chronic illness and suffering.

I wanted to be a part of the solution of the chronic disease crisis.

Within a couple of years, I became a certified nutritional therapist.

I learned things about health and healing that I had never learned in nursing school.

I learned about the foundations of health and how to recognize when they’re out of balance.

As an allopathic healthcare worker, I helped my patients make their symptoms go away.

Now, as a nutritional therapist, I help my clients find the root cause of their symptoms and help them support their body to a state of balance.

I struggled with my own health for several years and I now know it was 100% related to what I was eating.

Unfortunately, I had persistent adult acne, irregular + painful periods, anxiety, bloating and memory issues.

I had been eating what I though was the healthiest diet in the world (low fat, plant-based), but it made me sicker than ever.

Fast forward to today and I feel so good and no longer have those struggles.

I figured out how to nourish my body in my own way and I now help my clients to do the same.

While my specialty is gut health and digestion, I can also help clients with fertility support, blood sugar balance, skin issues and more.

Want to know if I can help you with your specific concerns?

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