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Y’all- this recipe is exactly what you want this time of year. It’s bright, flavorful and so refreshing. It’s also quite easy to prepare and only 5 ingredients. A minimalist summer recipe, perhaps??

It would be a perfect accompaniment to your favorite brunch foods or packed in a cooler to eat lakeside.

I hope you love it!


Yields: About 6 servings



3 grapefruits

3 naval oranges

One heaping tablespoon finely chopped fresh mint leaves

One tablespoon honey

A pinch or two of fine sea salt



  1. Remove the peels from the citrus fruits. You can either do this by hand or slice them off with a knife. Separate the segments, removing any white pith and as much of the papery skin in between the segments. They should look similar to mine below. Place the segments in a bowl.
I should have been a hand model.

2. Add in the chopped mint, honey and sea salt. Gently stir together. Taste and add more honey or sea salt as desired.

3. Cover and refrigerate for at least two hours prior to serving for a beautifully chilled salad. Perfect for a summer day!

citrus salad
Why, no, I’m not a professional food photographer. Why do you ask?

I love this recipe for several reasons.

  1. The sea salt brings out the sweetness of the citrus. Also, sea salt contains SO many beneficial minerals which we need for bone health, heart health, hormonal health, and many others.
  2. Citrus fruits= an abundance of vitamin C which we could all use a little extra these days. Be a friend to your immune system!
  3. You could make this salad your own in so many ways. I’ve tried it with some cubed avocado thrown in and it was heavenly. Some other additions off the top of my head include freshly squeezed lime juice, berries, tahini drizzle, walnuts, pistachios or even some goat cheese crumbles. The options are endless!


Enjoy this bright and beautiful citrus salad!


Take good care,



Corie McInnis

Corie is a functional nutritionist in Asheville, N.C. She specializes in helping her 1:1 clients with digestive discomfort, fertility struggles, skin inflammation, mood imbalances and more. She believes that a nourishing diet can support the body's innate ability to heal. She's a big fan of grass-fed butter and will not shut up about the gut microbiome.


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