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Hi! I’m Corie McInnis.

I’m a nutritional therapist in Asheville, NC.

(AKA a food worshiper, holistic health nerd and sleuth of symptoms)

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If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re struggling…

Have you been experiencing chronic health issues and dealing with uncomfortable symptoms for so long now, you’ve just accepted it as a part of life? Do you feel like it’s just your cross to bear?

Have you sought out professional help, but the band-aid solutions don’t help much or they come with side effects that just don’t seem worth the benefit?

Maybe you feel like you have literally tried everything under the sun to  resolve your discomfort and frustrating symptoms, but nothing has made a big impact.


I have great news for you! You don’t have to live this way. The symptoms you’re experiencing may be common, but that doesn’t mean they’re normal.

I’d bet you money that all of your symptoms are connected.  They’re all pointing to the fact that there’s something within you needing holistic support- a whole person approach to feeling more awesome and living a life that won’t hold you back from what you truly want.

NEVER HEARD OF nutritional therapy? LET ME EXPLAIN.

Nutritional therapy provides a framework that will help us to find the root cause of your symptoms using clinical assessment tools such as lab work. (No more symptom band-aids.) We can then holistically support and nourish the body with food-based medicine and targeted supplementation which can promote harmonious balance once again.

This means you can finally feel restored and see improvement in your symptoms.

want to know if nutritional therapy can help you?

Send me a message and let me know what’s going on with you. We can discuss how nutritional therapy can help with your symptoms and get you feeling better.

Thank you for valuing yourself enough to seek answers to your health struggles. I hope that I can empower you on your journey so that you can revel + thrive!

take good care,



“I struggled with gastrointestinal challenges related to celiac disease, creating issues with fertility. Corie worked with me through September through December and I was pregnant by October. Corie’s nutritional recommendations were enough to give me the relief from my symptom challenges and support my fertility, helping me be the best vessel for my child that I could be. Thank you so much, Corie!”

-Becky Sams, social worker from North Carolina


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