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Get clearer skin so you can live life with confidence

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Hi! I’m Corie McInnis.

I’m a nutritional therapy practitioner.


I firmly believe that our bodies have an innate ability to heal and nutrient-dense food is the catalyst.

are you a full-grown adult person struggling with acne?

You are not alone, my friend. I was 100% in your shoes not too long ago.
I was 32 years old when I finally cleared my skin for good.
As an adult with acne, I felt self-conscious and broken. I felt like a 30-something year old in a teenager’s skin.
I felt as though having acne as an adult kept me from being taken seriously as a professional at work.
Due to feeling embarrassed about breakouts, I would sometimes cancel plans with friends.
I would avoid social interactions.
I felt self-conscious. I felt like my body, my skin, was letting me down.
I felt like my skin was keeping me from living the life I wanted.
I tried all the prescription creams. They were too drying and harsh.
I tried birth control pills. They made me feel absolutely off my rocker.
I tried food eliminations. A plant-based diet. No caffeine. No sugar. No gluten. A gallon of water a day. Nothing completely helped.
After 20 years of struggling with breakouts, day after day…A lot of trial and error, money wasted and giving up hope that I would ever have clear skin…

I finally cracked the code to getting rid of my adult acne.

And it wasn’t a product or a prescription.
It was a holistic root-cause approach.
Through all of my research and holistic nutrition education, I now know that acne is a message from the body.
Our body is telling us something is out of balance within us.
Acne is not an isolated skin issue. It’s an indication that you need to look inward for the cause.


i can help you get rid of adult acne and have clearer skin for good.

I’m not selling products or skincare routines.
I’m waking up the world to the truth about adult acne.
It’s an inside job.
Nutritional therapy provides a framework that will help us to find the root cause of your inflamed, breakout-prone skin.
No more symptom band-aids.
We can holistically support and nourish the body with food as medicine and targeted supplementation which can promote harmonious balance once again.
This means you can finally feel restored and see improvement in your skin. 

want to know if nutritional therapy can help you?

Let’s talk. Book a free 30-minute skin strategy session and let me know what you’re dealing with. We can discuss how nutritional therapy can help you improve the health of your skin.
Thank you for valuing yourself enough to seek answers to your skin struggles. You deserve to feel confident and uninhibited by your skin

take good care,


“I struggled with gastrointestinal challenges related to celiac disease, creating issues with fertility. Corie worked with me through September through December and I was pregnant by October. Corie’s nutritional recommendations were enough to give me the relief from my symptom challenges and support my fertility, helping me be the best vessel for my child that I could be. Thank you so much, Corie!”

-Becky Sams, social worker from North Carolina

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